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Chand Raat Images 2018 – Download Free & Send to Friends & Relatives

For those who don’t know chand raat the night before eid day. During eid ul fitr it is celebrated by wishing friends and relatives (obviously) but the special thing is shopping and eid preparations. In some places there is celebration like fireworks etc as well. But in eid ul adha, other then wishing relatives and friends most of the people would be looking to buy animals for sacrifice. Last time we shared a lot of chand raat mubarak wishes with you but as you know now a days people prefer to due nicely designed images and cards and therefore we have this post called chand raat images for chand raat 2018.

So if you are looking for some great chand raat cards then check out the images below and download the ones that you like the most. The ways to send these to your loved ones are also included and if you don’t know how to download them then we have that guide as well below.

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Chand Raat Images 2018:

As you know there are a lot of images available on internet. And you can download them very easily even from google images. But here we tried to pick the latest images and we also created some of the images ourselves so that this year you send very unique images to your friends and loved one that they won’t receive from other.

So without further delay lets start with the images:

chand raat mubarak images

chand raat images 2018

chand raat images

Chand Raat Images For Friends:

Friends are the important part of life. And on occasions like eid and chand raat we send wishes to them first. Therefore i have a few images that could be best fit for friends. Therefore you should consider them as well.

So check out some chand raat images for friends below:

chand raat images for friends new

chand raat images for friends

Chand Raat Images For Relatives:

If you are sending these images to elders and relatives then you must pick some decent and formal images and that’s why we have a few chand raat images for relatives as well.

chand raat image for relatives

chand raat images for relatives

Chand Raat Images For Loved Ones:

As eid and chand raat brings the message of love so how can we miss chand raat images for loved ones? Below i have attached a few images that are full of love an can be send to your husband, wife, and even your best friends.

chand raat image for loved ones

chand raat images for loved ones

How to Send Chand Raat Mubarak Images:

If you are confused how to send these images to the people mentioned above then let me help you with a few ideas so that you can easily send them to the people whom you wanna send.

  • The best way to send them is facebook.
  • In facebook you have again several options.
  • First of all you can send it via facebook status. Like download them and upload them in whats on your mind section.
  • You can tag your closest friends as well so that they get a notification and check it out on time.
  • Another way could be sending them via facebook or other messenger that your friends use regularly so that they receive it on time.
  • And you can also use whatsapp if the person whom you are sending these images use it.
  • And finally you can writer a letter/e mail to your boss or other business persons.
  • And finally if you to make it very special, then use the old fashion way. Print any of these image and send it via regular mail few days before chand raat so that they receive it on time.

So, these were a few ideas regarding sending chand raat cards. If you have some other mind blowing idea, share it with our readers in the comments section below.

Chand Raat Images Download:

I believe that most of the people who regularly use pc or android phone would be able to easily download these images but still if you don’t know then here is the guide:

  1. If you wanna download them to your pc then right click and click on open image in new tab.
  2. Then in new tab right click again and click save image as and then chose the destination and download it.
  3. If you are using android the process is almost similar.
  4. Press on the image for few seconds and then chose save option.
  5. You can also use screenshot capture tool to capture them

Final Words:

So, this was our brief guide about chand raat images 2018 and chand raat cards 2018 and finally at the end we shared a few ways with you on how to use and download them. If you have better images or wanna give some better suggestions then use the comments section below.

Updated: May 28, 2018 — 9:01 pm

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