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Eid Al Adha Activities On Facebook 2018

Eid ul adha is coming probably starting from 1st September 2018 and would end on 4th September 2018. Muslims in this eid are quite busy in Qurbani and other stuff and therefore hardly have any time for social media.

But still many people would use social media to upload their photos and publish eid mubarak status. Many people would also manage to find some time to send eid al adha mubarak wishes to their friends and loved ones.

Therefore, if you wanna make this eid the best one of your life then you would have to spend some time on social media receiving eid wishes from friends and sending them too.

We have dedicated some of our time by creating and managing this site which is totally dedicated to Eid Al Adha so that we can provide our Muslim brother with eid ul adha wishes, sms, messages and other informative stuff.

So, you can find all the things related to eid on this site.

But if you wanna be active on Facebook, then we would share some tips on what to do.

Eid Al Adha Activities On Facebook:

As mentioned, all the wishes and greetings etc are already present in this site so i wouldn’t be adding them here.

In this post, i would be telling you what to do on Facebook, this eid.

eid ul adha activities on facebook

So here are some of the suggestions:

1. Post Eid Mubarak Status On Facebook:

The first thing that you can do is to post an eid mubarak status and mention or tag all of your friends and relatives. This would be the most easy and less time consuming task.

Doing this would save your time as compared to sending messages to each individual.

2. Post Eid Al Adha Selfie On Facebook And Instagram:

Another thing that you can do on this eid is to post some of your attractive eid ul adha selfie. You can also take a selfie with your animal and publish that on facebook.

To make it more attractive, we have a lot of eid photo captions that you can use on Instagram and Facebook too. This would add some more attraction to your pic.

You can also write some eid mubarak wishes in spite of other captions. You can do this if you don’t have time to publish eid mubarak status separately.

3. Participate In Facebook Groups:

There are many eid related groups on Facebook in which you can participate and share your valuable thoughts. This would need some time, so if you have some spare time then you can try this as well.

4. Send Eid Al Adha Wishes Via Facebook Messenger:

You can browse through our site, we have a search bar and categories where you can find different eid al adha wishes and messages and copy them and send them to your friends via Facebook messenger. This would need some time but would be better then posting a single status. So if you are some time, you could utilize it by wishing others.

5. Share Eid Ul Adha And Qurbani Videos:

You can also share some funny qurbani and eid ul adha videos. We have a lot of time. You can use the search bar to find them and then publish them on your facebook wall.

6. Hajj Live Streaming:

You can also spend some time watching hajj live streaming 2018. Although you can use this site as well to watch hajj live streaming but you can also find that from Facebook.

So, these were some of the eid al adha activities on Facebook that you can do this eid. If you have more ideas, take a minute and share them with our visitors in the comment section below.

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