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Eid Al Adha Activities In Saudi Arabia 2018

Previously we have written eid activities for many countries like for turkey, dubai, Morocco, and for schools etc. All of these posts are almost same. But this time it would not be the case. Because this time i am writing about the center of Islam i.e Saudi Arabia. If you are going for Hajj this year then this post is for you. Because the eid at Saudi Arabia could be a lot different from eid at other countries. So if you want to learn about eid al adha activities in Saudi Arabia then read the guidelines below.

Eid Al Adha Activities:

There could be different activities of eid for different cultures and different countries. Some of the activities could be religious and other could be non religious. But if you are spending Eid al adha at Saudi then there could be two possibilities. One could be that you have gone to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) and the other could be you live in Saudi Arabia and are not doing pilgrimage. So below i would be giving different points. You can collect only the ones that apply at you.

eid al adha activities in saudi arabia

1. Learn About Hajj:

If you are going there to perform Hajj then you would have to learn each and everything about hajj. So first of all do complete preparation, learn everything, pick up all the important things and go there.

2. Perform All The religious Duties:

If you are going for hajj you must perform all the complimentary things of Hajj in the days of Eid and before it.

3. Sacrifice:

If you are for Hajj or not it doesn’t matter, you would have to perform this activity for sure. So if have went for hajj do preparation for qurbani and buy yourself a good animal. If you are not performing pilgrimage then buy animal few days before eid.

4. Eid Prayer:

This is one of the most important activity for eid. Being present in Saudi you should perform this prayer in Kaaba sharif but that is not necessary.

5. Cook Some Dishes:

After performing all the religious duties now you should enjoy the eid and use the sacrifice meet to cook some delicious dishes for yourself. But don’t remember to share the meet with poor and relatives etc. And you should also invite relatives and friends for dinner and lunch etc.

6. Go Out And Enjoy:

After performing religious activities and completing your hajj, you can now go out and visit different places of Saudi Arabia because if you went there for Hajj and you have some time remaining you should utilize it in learning about different places of Arab.

So this was a short guide about the possible activities at Saudi Arabia on the occasion of Eid Al Adha. I hope you would have liked it.

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