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Eid Al Adha Celebrations In Dubai 2018

Dubai being the world trade center and one of the most advanced city of the world is a Muslims city and it could be the best place for you to spend this coming eid al adha. Previously we wrote about eid al adha activities in Dubai in which we shared what can you do in Dubai if you are spending eid in dubai. This post is about eid al adha celebrations in Dubai. It would also be similar to the previous post the i write but i would add some extra things about celebration like tours and different shopping centers and fun places in Dubai that can double your enjoyment of Eid celebrations.

So without wasting further time let’s see what you can do in Dubai In this EId.

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Eid Ul Adha Celebrations In Dubai:

Below are some of the things that you should perform while celebrating eid in Dubai. Being a Muslim some of the things are necessary and others depend on your choice.

eid al adha celebrations in dubai

1. Eid Prayer:

This is a must for you. You should start your eid with eid prayer. Through this act Allah will be happy from you and you will learn many things from it. Because when all the Muslims gathers and offer prayer, it teaches it a lesson that all the Muslims are one. You can also meet some of your friends there and wish them eid mubarak etc.

2. Sacrifice:

The first thing that you should do it to prepare for sacrifice and do sacrifice. This could be also the part of celebration because it is one of the interesting things. The kids especially likes it and many of the people are very excited for it.

3. Prepare Dishes:

The second thing that many people do and you should do it is to cock delicious dishes for yourself and for your friends. Invite your friends and relatives etc to your home for lunch or dinner and share your happiness.

4. Dubai Concerts:

There are some special concerts on the occasion of eid in dubai. You can visit them and have fun.

5. Color Workshops:

If you love arts then you should visit these workshops and enjoy with your kids and family members.

6. Eid al Adha Fireworks In Dubai:

This could be one of the best thing for you to join with your family because kids like them a lot and if you are at dubai, you must take your kids to these fireworks.

7. Comedy Illusion show:

This show could also be of great fun and could make your Eid a special one.

So these were some of the celebrations for eid al adha at dubai. I would be adding more here so stay tuned.

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