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Eid Al Adha Pronounce

There are different pronounciation for eid al adha. Some people would pronounce it eid al adha and some would pronounce it eid ul adha. But the correct pronunciation of it is given in a video below that you can watch and listen to and get the pronunciation.

Also if you don’t know the purpose of eid al adha that have a separate post for that too. You can read that following the link above.

And for you, i have written eid al adha sacrifice story in different languages that you can read. Below are the links for that too.

Eid al adha sacrifice story in english

eid al adha sacrifice story in urdu.

eid al adha sacrifice story in arabic.

Eid ul adha sacrifice story in Hindi.

Eid Al Adha Pronounce

Pronunciation of Eid Al Adha:

So below you find the correct way to pronounce eid ul adha.

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