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What Is Eid Al Adha Purpose

Eid al adha purpose is to show your dedication towards that orders of Almighty Allah. It is basically a blessing from Allah in which we show our faithfulness to Allah and in turn we are blessed in the form of happiness. We also learn the lesson of giving to poor from it.

eid al adha purpose

Eid Al Adha Purpose:

It is one of the greatest religious event of Muslims in which all of the Muslims are blessed even if they are poor. Islam teaches us via this festival that help others especially poor and eid ul adha is one of the greatest example of it. In this eid all those people do sacrifice in the name of Almighty Allah who can afford it and in turn they distribute all the meat among the needy people and neighbours and relatives. It is such a great example and brings the spirit of sharing in the people especially the young ones who are continuously learning from their surrounding events. In this event we should show them the best example of Islam so that they learn the lesson of sharing and sacrifice from it.

What you can do on Eid Al Adha:

The most important things that you can do on eid ul adha is to buy a good animal for yourself and sacrifice it on the day of eid. You should do it with proper way. In some other post i would write the exact way to slaughter your animal and to perform this task.

Also after doing sacrifice, you can wish your loved ones with eid ul adha mubaraak. we have written a lot of posts about different eid ul adha wishes and greetings in different languages and also you can cook different dishes and invite your friends and relatives to make it even more lovely.

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