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Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Video Download Free HD 2018

On the occasion of eid ul adha, almost all the Muslims send eid mubarak messages and post eid al adha mubarak statuses on facebook and other social networking sites. But many people also use eid mubarak sms and send sms to their friends etc.

But the revolution that whatsapp has brought has helped us to send messages for eid mubarak via whatsapp as well.

The benefits of sending messages on whatsapp as compared to sms is that, it is totally free of cost and easily accessible to almost everyone.

So if you want to send eid al adha mubarak whatsapp wishes that we have a lot of eid mubarak messages and eid wishes that you can choose from our site and send them to your friends.

But if you wanna try something new with whatsapp this eid al adha than i have a new method for you. You can try animated eid mubarak gif that i have added in the previous posts. I have added link above and you can check out that page and download the gifs.

But you can also try eid mubarak whatsapp video. But it would need few of your minutes from your busy eid al adha schedule. Because downloading and uploading videos needs a few minutes. But don’t worry, i would be adding videos of less size so that your time is saved.

Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Video Download Free HD

Eid Al Adha Mubarak Whatsapp Video:

As mentioned above the videos that can send you via whatsapp is available below. Also i would adding ways to download these videos for free and then upload to whatsapp:


Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Video HD Download Free:

Here are some more free whatsapp eid mubarak videos for you:

How to Download Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Videos?

First of all, you can send these videos via whatsapp to your friends without downloading them. You can paste the url of these videos to whatsapp and send them.

But doing that is not a good idea.

Because your friend would have to click that and then he/she would visit youtube or this site. And it would not have a good impression on him/her.

Rather, you can also spend few of your minutes and download these videos and then upload them to youtube.

For downloading, the best tool i have found is called en.savefrom .net.

In this site you can enter the url of video and download it in your desired format.

Alternatively, you can also use android apps for video download.

After downloading these eid mubarak videos, you can easily upload them to whatsapp via upload button.

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