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Eid Ul Fitr Cards 2018 Download Free & Greet Friends & Loved Ones

Last time we shared eid ul fitr 2017 videos and another guide on how to celebrate this eid ul fitr. But today i am gonna share the most important thing and that is eid ul fitr cards for 2018 eid.

Why cards? I will tell you many ways you can use these cards but now a days is the time of internet. Almost all the people wish their lived ones via internet and for that reason most of the people search for eid mubarak cards and eid mubarak wishes images etc etc.

You can also use these cards for offline purposes if you wanna send them to someone via the old fashion way i.e way post. So here i am gonna list few ways via which you can send these cards and then i will provide you dozens of eid ul fitr mubarak cards and at the end i will also tell you the method to download these cards in case if you don’t know.

How to Use Eid ul Fitr Cards:

Many people would send eid mubarak cards via a facebook status of message etc but i have a list of ideas for you that you can implement this year and surprise your loved ones. And they are listed below;

  • First of all you can download these eid cards and print them and send them to your loved ones via regular mail. This could be very special for the ones whom you are sending. The reason is that now a days no one do this…10-15 years ago people used to send greetings via this way but now internet is very much common and people don’t do this. So, in my opinion if you wanna do something special than you should send these cards a week or two before eid to your loved ones so that it reaches them just few days before the eid.
  • The next way (which is very common) could be to update a status on your facebook wall and upload these cards too. You can also tag some special people so that they get a notification.
  • If someone is very special for you then you can send these cards to him/here via fb messenger or whatsapps etc.
  • And finally you can combine all the pics and make a short video and send it to your friends, family members and loved ones via fb, whatsapps, instagram etc.

So, these wese some of the suggestions to use cards for eid ul ftir 2018. Now lets move towards cards. Below is presented with you our collection for this eid:

Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak Cards:

Here are some colorful cards that you can send to your loved one on this 2018 eid ul fitr:

eid mubarak cards

eid ul fitr cards for friends

eid ul fitr cards for loved ones

eid ul fitr cards

eid ul fitr mubarak cards

eid ul fitr 2018 cards

Eid Ul Fitr Card Designs & Templates:

Here we have some more designs for you. You can also edit them according to your needs:

eid mubarak card design

eid ul fitr cards desgin

eid ul ftir card design

Eid Ul Fitr Cards For Friends:

Here are a few more especially for friends:

eid ul fitr card for friends

eid mubarak cards for friends

Eid Ul Fitr Cards In Urdu:

If you are a Pakistani and wanna send eid ul fitr cards in your own language then here are a few eid ul fitr cards in urdu for you:

eid ul fitr card in urdu


eid ul fitr card urdu

eid ul fitr mubarak card urdu

Eid Ul Fitr Cards In Arabic:

Here are a few eid ul fitr cards in arabic in case you wanna send them to your friends in arabic language:

eid mubarak card in arabic

eid ul fitr card in arabic

eid ul fitr cards in arabic

So, these were some eid ul fitr cards 2018. You can download them and use via the ways mentioned in the start.

Updated: May 19, 2018 — 11:39 am

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