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Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations In Different Countries & What You Can Do New?

For Muslims, eid ul fitr is very special. The reason is that is comes after a complete holy month of Ramand in which muslims observes pasts. Now this eid / festival is given to Muslims in a reward of Ramadan. And there is nothing wrong to celebrate it and enjoy it but within limits. So, here i am gonna write about different ways to celebrate eid ul fitr. You may know about many of the things i am mentioning, but still you would definitely find something new that would make your eid special. So, here is our to do list of eid ul fitr celebrations in 2018

Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations:

Here i would like to keep it short so that none of you get bored. And that’s why i have decided to keep it in bullet points. You can go through it and then check out some images below and also check out different traditions and you can actually copy them to make the eid special. Because repeating the same eid every year could be a little boring. So, check out my list below:

  • The most important thing for eid is new clothes, And therefore, you should buy new clothes and keep them ready for the eid day.
  • You eid ul fitr should starts with Eid Prayer and this is the most important. When you get up on the eid day, you must prepare for Eid namaz and offer it in the mosque. The is one of the most exciting thing because it happens 2 times an year when all of the people are going to big mosques and offering eid prayer. So, never miss it.
  • After that you can visit your relatives, friends etc and greet them eid ul fitr mubarak. This could be best thing to do because normally in today’s busy world no one gets a chance to visit their relatives etc and chat with them but eid ul fitr is such a blessing of Almighty Allah that we visit many of our relatives and friends and wish them.
  • You can call those friends,  relatives and wish them whom you can’t visit.
  • If you can’t call all the people then send them greetings, cards or eid ul fitr videos.
  • You can also prepare/cook delicious foods and invite your friends and family members and enjoy the dishes together.
  • You can also organize an Eid Miln party at your home and invite many people.
  • And finally you can go visit to parks, and other refreshing places.

There could be many other ways to celebrate eid ul fitr and i would love to hear them from you in the comments section. But at the moment i have only these in my mind and would definitely add more to them.

Eid Ul Fitr Celebration Essay:

I know many children would visit this page to find an essay for their school work etc on how they celebrated this eid etc. And for this purpose you can use the points given above and create a very interesting story in the form of an essay.

Eid Ul Fitr Celebration Pictures:

After some research, i have gathered some pictures of the Muslims celebrating eid ul fitr from different parts of the world. As you would have heard that a picture is worth thousands words so you can get a good idea of how Muslims of different cultures celebrate eid ul fitr in different parts of the world.

eid ul fitr celebrations

eid ul fitr celebrations in pakistan

eid ul fitr prayer

eid celebrations


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