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Eid Ul Fitr Poetry In English – SMS And Poetry Cards/images [Latest 2018]

Eid ul Fitar is one of the most joyous days in the Islamic calender.  Eid Ul fitar is a celebration that marks the end of the holy month Ramadan. Eid Ul Fitar is wished by every muslims to their fellow muslims in a unique way. There are different way to wish your friends and family on this day one of the best way to wish your friends is through poetry. This Article is specially for those who want to wish their love ones with the best Eid Ul Fitar Poetry In English.

Before Eid Ul Fitr Poetry in English Lets Learn about The Background:

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In the month of Ramadan the Quran was fist revealed on the Prophet Mohammad (SAW). During the whole month of Ramadan Muslims spend fasting from Dawn until sunset. Ramadan is a very sacred month for Muslims. Fasting does not means from food or water it means to secure your self from doing any bad acts.

After performing the Eid Prayers Muslims visits their friends and family house to meet them and share the happiness of Eid. This is a very good deed because on this day they can share their happiness with each other.

Dressing up properly is an important factor of Eid on this day Muslims wear their new and finest clothes early at the morning for Eid Ul Fitar. Men women children every one take active part in selecting their clothes for Eid. Markets are full of customers few days before eid.

Different types of dishes are cooked by Muslims around the corners of the earth which is shared among family members, friends and poors as a charity. New clothes, sweet dishes increases the fun  of this day.

Eid Ul Fitr Poetry In English 2018:

So this was a brief intro, now after you perform the eid prayer etc then you would have to perform the duty to wish your friends and relatives. Its better to personally visit them, but its not possible always because you cannot reach out to every person. Therefore sending eid ul fitr mubarak cards is the best solution.

Alternatively you can also send poetry to those friends who are very fond of poetry/shayari. Therefore today i am gonna list here some attractive and latest poetry for you.

  • We will eat highly spiced hen, and mouthwatering pakoras, i will call my associates, and pals on the road, may also the peace of allah, and pleasure of eid, be with all people.
  • Eid is a celebration for muslims to rejoice eid is time to say eid mobarak and pray a few muslims provide money to their kids and say eid mobarak. A few muslims visit their buddy and pals. Some humans supply money to other kids, they do not just provide cash to their own kids, they deliver cash to their friend’s youngsters or to their neighbors children. They also can deliver cash to adults. Eid mobarak, eid mobarak to you all my bothers and sisters.
  • We visit the eid prayer in any kind of weather, and deliver presents to every different!
  • Eid mubarke, eid mubarke our eid has come to convey us peace to convey us like to charish our lifestyles it is the time we muslims came together shoulder to shoulder it’s far the time we muslims percentage share our love share accept as true with eid mubarke, eid mubarke
  • Ramadan is a special training for a muslim, practice islam even when its mild appears to be dim.
  • Like the colour of silver, in the night time sky, the brand new moon rises, the holy month has beyond, the fasting is over, tomorrow is the remarkable ceremonial dinner of eid-ul-fitr.
  • Now that we fasted and did extra properly deeds, we have a good time eid-ul-fitr, one of the two eids!

Eid Ul Fitr Poetry In English Cards:

Although we have a lot of eid ul fitr cards in a separate post and you can visit that from the link above as well. But here i wanna add few eid ul fitr poetry cards in English. Means that they would be in Engligh and would have poetry as well as specified in the title. So check out the eid ul fitr 2018 poetry english cards below. You can download them and send via Instagram, whatsapp and fb etc for free:

eid ul fitr poetry in english

eid ul fitr poetry 2018 latest english

eid ul fitr english poetry

Final Words:

So, this was our brief guide regarding eid ul fitr poetry in english 2018. Hope you would have found some latest poetry and sent to your loved ones as well.


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