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Eid Ul Fitar is the first day of the Islamic Month of Shawwal. Eid Ul Fitar marks the end of the holy Month Ramdan. Every Muslim attend eid prayer, listen to the khutba and give charity in the form of food to their relatives, friends and poor people around. There are different Eid Ul Fitar song for this day here in this site we provide you one of the best Eid Ul Fitar Songs totally free of cost.

What Do Muslims Do On This Holy Day:

Every Muslim attend communal prayers and listen to Khutba deleived on this day these prayers are performed in the form of large gatherings in Mousques or large halls. Some people have to travel a lot for performing the prayer of Eid. Many communities organize different festivals on this day such as communal meals, different entertaining events for children and younsters.

Zakat Al Fitar:

If a person has not given zakat al fitar during the holy month of ramdan he can give on this Eid Day. Zakat Al Fitar dis the form of charity which a Muslim can give in the form of food or can give its monetary equivalent to the poor around him.

New Clothes And Shoes:

Every Muslim tries to wear new clothes and shows according to his pocket. on early morning Muslims wear new clothes and go for the prayer after the prayer they come to home wish every one eid whole heartedly and along with family visits their family members and friends to share the happiness of Eid Ul fitar.

Public Holiday:

For Eid Ul Fitar there are public holidays but only in the Muslim countires such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Indonesia etc. Non Muslim Countires don’t provide any holiday for Eid Ul Fitar because its not their festival.

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Eid Ul Fitr Song Download Free:

You can check out the eid ul fitr song below and download it for free as well.

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