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Eid Ul Fitr Takbeer mp3 Download Free – Eid Ul Fitr 2018

Muslims from all over the world will celebrate Eid Ul Fitar at the End of Ramdan. Eid Ul Fitar depends on the sighting of the moon Just like Ramdan. In simple Language Eid Ul Fitar means “ The Festival Of Breaking Ramdan” and the End of a sacred month Ramdan. Eid Ul Fitar is celebrated for Three days on the first day the Muslims father for prayers. In the prayer Muslims deliver Takbeer for 6 times. Here we provide Eid Ul Fitar takbeer Mp3 download 2018 for free.

Eid Ul Fitar Begins with the sightining of a new moon. So Muslims from all over the world wait until they see the new moon then they decide their Eid. The Starting day of Eid varies year to year and on geographical location of a country and area.

Usually Eid Ul Fitar starts with a prayer followed by a short sermon. The prayer is delivered in mosques or large halls where Muslims gather. After Performing their prayer they wish each others whole heartedly. After the prayer Muslims visit their friends and family members and also to graveyards to pray for their deads.

Import factor in Eid Ul Fitar are new clothes and new dresses. Most of the people wear clothes according to their own culture and tradition while few wear something new to look different. The markets are full of customers few days before Eid Ul Fitar to buy new clothes and shoes. This is the festival loved by children because they can get new shoes and clothes of their own choice.

eid ul fitr takbeer mp3 download

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