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Hajj 2018 Live Streaming (Video) HD

Hajj which is also called Pilgrimage or Muslims Pilgrimage in English is once a year event in which Muslims performs some activities and it is a Pilgrimage to Mecca the holy city of Islam. This event is in the days of Eid, means before Eid. But you can say Eid is also the part of Hajj. According to informations Hajj 2018 will starts from 30th August 2018 and will ends on 4th September 2018 but the dates may very.

If you are going for Hajj this year then i have written a guide for Eid al adha activities in Saudi Arabia that you must read. But if you haven’t went for hajj than don’t worry. Thanks to advancements in technology, now you can watch hajj live from your home. Although this would not be the same as performing Hajj but still it is something that you can do from home and can learn the things if you are planning to go for Hajj the next year. Therefore, i am adding the Hajj 2018 live streaming here that would fulfill your needs.

hajj 2017 live streaming

Hajj 2018 Live Streaming:

Below i have embed some videos from different sources. The best thing in this would be that, on other sites you would find one video but here i am adding multiple videos so that if one went down or offline that you would be able to watch the others.

Makkah Live HD – قناة القران الكريم

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قناة القران الكريم HD
Saudi Quran TV Live HD

Haramain Umrah With Imaams & Muadhins: https://goo.gl/Ez71gd
Haramain Website: http://goo….

Live videos of Hajj 2018 would be added here at the days of hajj.

What is Hajj:

As mentioned in the start is the Muslims Pilgrimage to Mecca. The Muslims perform some religious activities and visit the sacred places. This occasion could also be the source of learning many things that i have explained below in the benefits section below.

All the Muslims from different casts and places do these activities at the same time which shows the brotherhood and eliminate the racism etc.

Muslims also perform qurbani, sacrifice and distribute the meat. It is another great example and shows that Islam is all about helping and good/positive things.


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