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Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules 2018

I have started a series of posts about general eid al adha knowledge. In this series i have already written some posts like eid al adha purpose, its benefits, who show give qurbani and what are the eligibility criteria for eid al adha qurbani.

Now another question that is asked by many people is what are the qurbani meat distribution rules.

Although i am not a Muslim religious Scholar nor i have vast knowledge but i used internet to research about this and asked in my surrounding and got to know about few points. So i though to share my research and knowledge with you about meat distribution rules for eid al adha qurbani. But lets first discuss some basic concepts.

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is giving sacrifice of animals on the day of Eid al adha and then sharing the meat with the poor and needy persons and relatives too. So there is not any harm or cruelty as most of the non muslims would think. Because this eid shows us how to remember the poor and needy people in your hapiness and how to help other and how to share with others.

I have a written a detailed guide about this and links are added below so you should check that out.

What is The Story Behind Eid Al Adha:

This is a very long story and i have already written it in very detail in different languages so you can read it below:

Who Should Perform Qurbani?

Now this is a very common question and i have explained this in the other post in great detail and link is attached above.

But for you ease i will answer this briefly here again. So if you are earning more money than your needs and your are eligibal for zakat than you should also give qurbani as well.

Eid Al Adha Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules:

So this the most awaited part. Below i am listing some rules that you must follow while distributing qurbani meat.

Ok. So this is quite simple and many people would already know about this. But since you have landed on this place in search for the answer of this question. The answer is you would have to divide the meat to three equal parts. Then distribute them as:

  1. Give one part to the poor and needy persons.
  2. Give one part to relatives.
  3. Keep one part for yourself.

qurbani meat distribution rules

These are the rules but you should prefer to give the meat to the poor who are near to you and after that the others. You should also prefer to send meat to the neighbors as well.

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