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Eid Al Adha Qurbani Rules

Eid al adha is the eid of sacrifice. It is the eid in which we all the Muslims follow the story of Ibrahim and Ismail (AS) and give qurbani of different animals and then distribute the meat among poor, relatives and enjoy it themselves too.

As this eid is the eid of sacrifice of animals many people would think that this is cruelty etc etc. But actually this is the blessing of Allah because we use the meat and we learn the lessons of sharing and helping. I have written a detailed guide on the purpose of Eid al adha that you can find on this site. I have also attached the link above. In the previous posts i have also written many benefits of eid al adha that you should read.

But this post is about qurbani rules. So i will add some rules here and other you can found in other posts or i will update this in future as well so you can bookmark it as well.

Qurbani Rules:

There are many questions and confusions that are related to eid al adha qurbani. And i will try to add the answers of all of them one by one. You can also use the comment section to ask for questions that are not answered here.

qurbani rules

1.  Who Should Give Qurbani:

This is the first question that many people would ask and is the most frequently asking question as well. Therefore i wrote the first post on this one. The answer is very simple and it is if you zakat is must on you then qurbani is also must on you.

2. Which Animals To Choose?

The animals to be slaughtered at qurban are goats, sheep, farm animals (cows or bulls), buffalo or camels. Consistent with the rules of qurbani, they can be male or woman, but ought to be in accurate health, free from incapacity or handicap, and above a positive age.
Goats and sheep have to be as a minimum one year old, at the same time as farm animals must be years, and camels five years.

3. Days Of Qurbani:

Qurbani ought to best be completed on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of dhul-hijjah. You could order your qurbani earlier than this time, but the sacrifice need to be finished on the correct day. The first day is always higher than the second one, whilst the second one is higher than the last

4 Which Animals Must Not Be Used?

You should not choose the following animals for eid al adha qurbani:

  • Excessively skinny or lean creatures.
  • Those whose horn(s) were broken off from their root
  • Toothless animals, or the ones missing maximum in their teeth
  • Blind, one-eyed or have misplaced a third (or more) of their sight
  • Weak animals not able to walk themselves to the site of slaughter
  • Missing a third (or extra) of their ear or tail, both via loss or due to the fact beginning
  • Those with one leg lame to this sort of degree that they’re not able to use it to stroll on

Some other things that you must keep in mind is that, you should use a sharp knife and slaughter the animal yourself. Although the later one is not necessary, but it is good to do it yourself.

The other important rules that you must keep in mind is qurbani meat distribution rules etc. I have written separate complete guides on that and added links here. You should read them.

Some other qurbani rules will be added here so stay tuned.

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